Mary-Ann (crashgirl82) wrote,

The Mun Behind the Muse Meme

Meme taken from ilikethequiet.

What's your name?: Mary-Ann

Your Sign: Taurus. Stubborn, headstrong, resistant to change, loves creature comforts, loyal, dependable. Yep, that's me.

Where do you live?: Flushing, which is a town in the county of Queens, New York City, New York.

Do you have a job?: Yes. I work full-time as a shift supervisor at Rite Aid Pharmacy, and have for the last three years.

How much RP experience do you have?: I've been RP-ing pretty regularly since April of 2009, which come to think of it, is since I started working at Rite Aid, in fact.

What are your feelings about shipping?: I like shipping. I prefer slash, but het is fine too. The more inappropriate, the merrier.

What are your feelings about smut?: I used to write NC-17 rated fanfiction, and I think I'm not half bad at it. So bring it on.

Are there things you won't RP?: Excessively happy sweet cutesy romantic stuff in large doses. I don't condemn it completely, but as a player, I need angst and conflict for a thread to hold my interest. Also, I rarely RP female characters.

What are your favorite things to RP?: Angst, smut, drama, death, hurt/comfort, violence... Basically anything that you might see in a porn flick, horror film or TV drama series. Aside from the incest, that is. You may even see me RP some crack occasionally. ;)

What's something you wished would get RP-ed more?: I don't really know how to answer this question. If I want to play something I try to play it.

Are you plot driven?: Yes,mostly. In order for a thread to progress, there has to be some kind of main objective to attain, or at least some direction for character development and relationships to occur. I'm not saying plan the whole thing out in advance, but some idea to work towards is preferable than just winging it. Smut is optional, but fun, especially when it happens by accident.

Slow or fast tagger: S-l-o-w. I'm terrible. Sometimes I get into a good run where I can go all day, but that's rare nowadays. My longest thread that's still active started in May 2010 and that's still going on. >.>

Who are your active fandoms?: Heroes, and I've delved a bit into Supernatural. Like seriously, a bit.

Your favorite muses to write?: Nathan and Peter Petrelli. Nathan has many of the attributes I have, and Peter is very unlike me. I like being able to express my creativity through both of them. Sometimes it's challenging to sit back and react to a situation in a game differently than you yourself might have handled it if it were actually happening to you!

Why did you start RPing? Why do you RP?: I started RP-ing because I saw a community on LiveJournal that needed an Angela Petrelli, and I said to myself, "Hey, why the hell not?" That never took off, but I wasn't dissuaded. I still really wanted to try, but as a character I was more familiar with. I'd written a lot of Heroes fic, and Nathan Petrelli was my favorite character. I ran across someone who played Peter Petrelli and was looking for the same things I was in a thread, and the rest is as they say, history.

I RP-ed as a means to fill up extra time, and also because I found it quite exciting to build a story with another person. The thread takes on a life of its own, and can go in directions you may never have considered without the input of your partner. Also it's a good way to keep your writing skills sharp. I haven't been playing much lately, and I don't know if I will get back into it anytime soon due to an unfortunate situation with a game I was in, but I'll never say never.
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