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The Little Black Three-Piece Suit Project: Details

Okay, darling flist. I have received my requests for Nathan Petrelli's further corruption and here are the requests. Be advised, in no particular order will they be filled. It's really up to my muse and the amount of time I have. One day, you will all have your requests completed. Promise. Would Nathan lie? *winks*

1) karaokegal: Nathan/Meredith with the prompt, "Why do I feel so alive when you're near?"

2) speccygeekgrrl: Nathan/Hiro; each want what the other has. Hiro wants to fly, and Nathan wants to see the future.

3) willowpolson: Nathan/Future!Peter; no particular prompt.

4) commen_sense: Nathan/Claire. Nathan and Claire are getting it on when the phone rings.

5) wersheep: Nathan/Peter, AU, after the Powerless press conference if Nathan hadn't been shot. Very intense, romantic and fluffy. OR... Linderman/Nathan: Before everything starts, Linderman seduces Nathan. I haven't decided yet.

6) sakura_no_mi: Nathan/Peter, religious themes, limo!sex.

I will let each of you know when your story is completed. Thanks for helping me.
Tags: claire bennet, daniel linderman, fic, heroes, hiro nakamura, meredith gordon, nathan petrelli, peter petrelli, three-piece suit project

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